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  • Office Hours Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CLOSED DAILY FROM 12:00 - 1:00 p.m FOR LUNCH

Fire Department

The Beverly Hills Volunteer Fire Department provides fire and rescue services to the citizens and community of Beverly Hills.

Phone: 254-752-2584 ext. 6

Mission Statement
Our mission is: TO PROTECT, TO SERVE AND TO CARE. This message relays to everyone what we are, what we do and who we are. Although small, we exhibit a fierce determination to protect life and property in Beverly Hills.

Jeff Wilhelm
Fire Chief
Jeffrey Henderson
Deputy Fire Chief
Chris Marchisio

Equipment and Operations:

The department currently has three (3) units:

  • 2001 pierce contender, 1500 gpm pumper with 1000 gallon tank of water.
  • 1998 International Ferrara 1250 gpm pumper with 700 gallon tank of water.
  • 1996 Ford Squad with light tower, cascade system

Both engines have 4″ supply hose. 2 each 1 3/4″ crosslays at 200 feet. A 1 3/4″ trash line at 100 feet. 500 gpm TFT blistforce nozzles. Rescue tool and much more.


Our volunteer fire fighters meet first and third Thursday each month to attend training sessions conducted by fellow volunteers or fire certified personnel. They participate in classroom and hands-on sessions involving SCBA’s, pump operations, rescue and fire suppression.

The fire department recognizes that training is a vital part of being a volunteer firefighter. We assist and encourage volunteers to attend additional training. They are given the opportunity to attend Texas A & M Fire School, which allows them to observe and participate in learning experiences that they then can apply to their own department.

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