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City Secretary

Angela Green
Interim City Secretary
254-752-2584 ext. 4

The City Secretary is appointed by the City Council and has the following responsibilities:

The City Secretary’s office strives to provide quality service and information to the citizens, the City Council, and City Staff; maintain official city records for historical preservation; and serve all in an impartial manner.

  • Attending each meeting of the City Council
  • Maintain a record of accurate minutes of the proceedings
  • Prepare and enroll all laws, resolutions and ordinances
  • Take charge and preserve all books, records, papers, documents and files of the municipality
  • Conduct City election
  • Investment officer
  • Accountant/finance/budget
  • Human resource manager
  • Perform other duties the City Council and Mayor assigns.

The City Secretary’s office also provides information maintained by and for the City in accordance with requirements established by law.

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