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All fines and fees are due within fourteen (14) calandar days after the date the citation was issued. However, it is possible to obtain additional time to pay a citation if it is requested in writing or in person.

No extensions will be granted by the clerk on any balance under $200.00. If your citation balance exceeds $200.00 then a payment of ½ of your balance is due on or before your first appearance date. Any additional time requested or your inability to comply with any of the above requirements will have to be accompanied by a payment plan application and an appointment before the Judge for consideration of a payment plan.

Any extension or payment plan must accompany a plea of guilty or no contest and will result in a conviction on your driving record and may result in a State surcharge (Texas Motor Vehicle Responsibility Act). You may access site to verify if the offense charged will result in a surcharge. Welcome.aspx

It is YOUR responsibility to notify the court if you are unable to pay within the time allowed. You may request a court date accompanied with a payment plan application and have an opportunity to explain your circumstances to the Judge if you need additional time to pay. If you are unable to pay due to indigence, you will be set on a court hearing to determine your ability to pay.

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