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Commonly Requested Ordinances

property. The owner or occupant is required to maintain the property from the street in the front to property line in back. This includes the front, back and side yards, the right-of-way (the area between the sidewalk and the curb), and the easement and alley (if one) behind the property. Grass and weeds should be cut and removed as needed on land developed for residential or business use.


It is illegal to erect or affix a sign in the right-of-way (the area from the curb to the sidewalk), in the median (the area in the middle of the street), on trees, public fences, buildings or utility/telephone poles.

Garage Sales:

Garage sales are allowed to run for three consecutive days and can be held two times per year. A permit must be obtained prior to beginning your sales from the City Secretary at City Hall, 3418 Memorial Drive. Signs can be placed in the seller’s immediate yard and another may be placed at the end of the block with the owner’s permission. However, signs cannot be placed in medians, on utility poles or in right-of-ways. To obtain a Garage Sale Permit, please see Permits.

Junk Vehicles:

Please maintain property free of any junk vehicles. A junk motor vehicle is any vehicle that is inoperative and remains inoperative for more than 45 days or is inoperative and does not have a current registration sticker or inspection sticker. A junk vehicle is also any vehicle, which is wrecked, dismantled or discarded. These vehicles may not be visible anywhere in the public view (tarping does not constitute clearing), public right-of-way, street or any other private property.

Trash, Brush or Refuse:

Loose brush must be cut and bundled into four-foot lengths and bundled small enough for one person to lift. Trash is debris, rubble, stone, fragments of building materials and any other material. Refuse is any type of accumulation of worn-out, used up, broken, rejected or worthless materials. These items must be placed in the proper receptacles at all times. The front, back and side yards, and the alley and easement must remain free of all litter, trash and refuse.


The fence on your property should be maintained at all times. It is unlawful to allow your fence to lean or to have missing, loose or broken slats or panels. It is prohibited to have an electric fence.

Limitation of Dogs and Cats:

No person shall keep more than four (4) dogs and/or cats on any premise within the city, unless the person obtains a permit as provided in the city ordinance.

If you have an inside pet and turn it outside, your pet will be considered “at large”. At Large animals will be transported to the Waco Animal Shelter and a $80.00 transport fee will be imposed. A vicious animal will be an additional $20. Plus you may incur an additional city fine of $126.00 could be charged.

These are only a few of the city ordinances that the Police Department enforces. If you have any questions or comments about city ordinances, you may contact the Animal Control Officer, Mo Olivarez at 254-752-2584 x 3 or e-mail:

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