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Animals and Pets

Q. What do I do if I need to register a pet or have lost a pet?

A. See Animal Control.

City Council

Q. When and where are City Council meetings held and how to I obtain an agenda?

A. See City Council.

Q. How can I have an issue placed on the City Council meeting agenda?

A. See Agendas and Minutes.

Comments and Complaints

Q. How do I submit a comment or complaint?

A. See Contact Us.


Q. How do I make a public information request?

A. See City Documents.


Q. How do I obtain permitting information?

A. See Permits


Q. What day will my Trash be picked up?

A. See Garbage Pickup.

Q. Who do I contact if my Trash or Recycle was not picked up?

A. See Garbage Pickup.

Q. Where can I take the items that normal garbage pickup won’t take?

A. See Garbage Pickup.

Water and Sewer

Q. How do I pay my city utility bill?

A. See Pay Water Bill

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